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Introducing the Perfecter Fusion Styler by Calista Tools

by admin on March 14, 2013, 3 comments

Have you heard of this new hair styling tool called the Perfecter? If not, let me tell you, it’s perfect. I love it.


My hair is long, frizzy and coarse. I used to just wear it in a ponytail because it took too much work to smooth out with a traditional flattening iron and plus, I was always burning myself. But now I don’t mind styling my hair. Thanks to the Perfecter –it has changed EVERYTHING!


Fist of all, the Perfecter takes a FRACTION of the time. It’s so simple to use that I actually look forward to using it! Secondly, it’s COOL TO THE TOUCH which means no more burning my hands and wrists when trying to get to hard to reach areas.


Even my sister, who has thinning, short hair loves it! She uses it to give her hair a little lift and it instantly looks shinier and fuller. It’s simply amazing.


Seriously. If you have hair, you have to have this.


3 thoughts on “Introducing the Perfecter Fusion Styler by Calista Tools

  1. This is a GREAT styling tool. I have thin, fine hair and have tried every styling product and tool known to man-the Perfecter Fusion is the best ever. It takes less time and leaves my hair with bounce, body and shine like never before. Try it-you will love it.

  2. I just got mine today! I love it and have African American hair. To be honest, my hair was a knotty, kinky mess because I’ve been wearing a wig all week. And the kicker is that I don’t have a relaxer in my hair to straighten my hair. The Perfecter actually straightened my hair while it curled it. I ran in to show my hair and he was like “wow”, and it takes a lot to impress my husband. I love the Perfecter already and can’t wait to see what else it does.

  3. I ordered the Perfecter a few weeks back and finally got it Saturday. I have used it for the past few days and I absolutely LOVE IT! I was a bit skeptical about it at first but from the first time I used it, I was impressed. My hair has been dyed many times and the ends especially are a bit “blah” and the Perfecter makes them look great. Again, I am really impressed with it so far. It says to use the lower setting with damaged hair, but the higher setting is better in my opinion.

    I think this was $99 well spent if it lasts…if it doesn’t…then I will be angry. Again, a good purchase at this point and I would recommend this to friends.

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